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 I am Maggie Boggs the creator behind Centered Stone Studios. I am a self taught potter and work out of my studio in the beautiful Bryson City North Carolina. I’ve always loved working with my hands and creating beauty in many forms, however, clay is my favorite medium. 

My introduction to clay came shortly after my dad passed away from Glioblastoma in 2015. I  immediately fell in love and quickly worked to learn as much as I could. I was thrilled when my family was given the opportunity to move to Western NC in 2016. It is a place with such a rich history of pottery and value for the arts. The influence of the people and the area allowed my knowledge and love for working with clay to increase; however, it didn't become vital practice for me until my husband was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. 

Throughout his treatment, and after his passing, pottery became a therapy for me. Having my hands in the mud is one of the few times my mind stops and thinks only of what is in front of me. The ability to work with clay, to yield to the creative process while being fully present, fills me with incredible peace. My hope is that everything I create carries this peace and beauty I feel while making it.

“ A capacity to yield is strengthened in the potter who does not merely use his material to certain ends, but who yields up his soul as well as his hands and his intelligence to his love of the clay. Once his soul is yielded up, the transformations of the clay will speak to him as his own. The inner laws of life will seem to be simultaneously unique centers spinning in continuous relation to each other.”

-M. C. Richards “Centering In Pottery, Poetry, and the Person”



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Bryson City, NC

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